• Find Your Flavor! This is What Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Says About You

    Find Your Ice Cream Flavor Profile

    May 28, 2017
    I’ve never chased down the ice cream truck through my neighborhood, contents of my piggy bank stuffed into a tiny sparkle clutch, only to reach the truck to make an impassioned request for a vanilla ice cream cone. But you probably already knew that. Vanilla wouldn’t be my thing. Rainbow with extra sprinkles are where it’s at! There’s a close correlation between ice cream flavors and personality, and the highly skilled and completely qualified Foodie Fun Engineers on the Eat! Be Mary! team have been in the lab running delicious tests all month to identify those exact matches. The cherry on top? We’re sharing! Share the scoop on your results in the comments below. Capisce? Capisce of ice cream cake.
  • Sweet Little Lies: A Burrito Surprise!

    Sweet Little Lies: The Burrito Surprise

    Of all the lessons my parents taught me, one of the most important was to always tell the truth because lies have a way of coming back in unexpected ways. I like to think of myself as especially well-behaved, so I did what any loving child would do. I ignored their advice and did what I wanted anyway. I lied to my mom.
  • Foodie Flicks with Eat! Be Mary!, Inc.

    Spring Screening! A Foodie Flicks Watch List from Eat! Be Mary!, Inc.

    April 11, 2017
    "Something with eggs.... Cool Hand Luke! Cool Hand Luke in an egg eating contest!" "Hmm... perhaps not." . Pitch Meetings of the Eat! Be Mary! Editorial team have a particular zest. Things can get heated. We're quick to green light a personality quiz on what kind of pie you are (because that's important), but we do raise eyebrows at nods to certain classic competitive eating cinema moments. We had a contentious debate on the merit of Cool Hand Luke. . Between you and me, Cool Hand Luke is laughable to true competitive eaters. Paul Newman may have a jawline that won't quit, but 50 eggs?! Is that is? The record currently stands at 141 in 8 minutes. Pride won't allow me to endorse the movie. . However, these are some flicks with foodie moments we can flack.
  • Once Upon A Kitchen: A Journey With Many Souveniers!

    Once Upon A Kitchen

    March 27, 2017
    Once upon a time, there was a girl named Mary. Every morning she would wake up, blink her eyes, then stretch her arms before making her way to the kitchen for breakfast.