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Eat! Be Mary!


Established as a creative outlet for designer, competitive eater, and model, Mary Bowers, Eat! Be Mary!, Inc. connects the concepts, people, and places that inspire life’s sweetest moments — from summer food festivals, to movie nights out, to holiday celebrations. is your backstage pass into the world of foodie fashion.

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Upcoming Appearances
  • February 28, 2017

    Marydi Gras

    Right here at Eat! Be Mary!

the collection

by Mary Bowers

Eat! Be Mary!, Inc. believes in supporting the environment and Made in America products. We value production practices that inspire positive human interaction and are safe for the planet. One step closer to bringing food-related fashion to the world,

Eat! Be Mary! is seeking eco-friendly materials to use in prototyping and production. If you have resources or contacts who share our vision for creating a line of sustainable foodie fashions, please contact us for more information.