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May 28, 2017

I’ve never chased down the ice cream truck through my neighborhood, contents of my piggy bank stuffed into a tiny sparkle clutch, only to reach the truck to make an impassioned request for a vanilla ice cream cone. But you probably already knew that. Vanilla wouldn’t be my thing. Rainbow with extra sprinkles are where it’s at!

There’s a close correlation between ice cream flavors and personality, and the highly skilled and completely qualified Foodie Fun Engineers on the Eat! Be Mary! team have been in the lab running delicious tests all month to identify those exact matches. The cherry on top? We’re sharing! Share the scoop on your results in the comments below. Capisce? Capisce of ice cream cake.

Do you have goosebumps? If so, is it because we’re so spot on, or because you just had a big bite of ice cream (which makes you the coolest)?

Nothing really makes it feel like summer quite like ice cream. So thank goodness next week, I’ll have ice cream a-plenty. Please join me at The Baked Bear World Ice Cream Sandwich Eating Competition. I don’t get stage fright – but I’m not immune to brain freeze! Come bring me your lovely warmth June 4th at 12:30 PDT at Park at the Park at Petco Park (no joke).

Oh wait, there’s more! Sign up to get instructions for a completely custom Ice Cream Sundae just for you. It’s the Story Of Your Life Sundae and it will melt your heart.
Time to banana split. Connect with us @eatbemary with your ice screams and squeals of excitement. We’ll keep dishing on food, fashion, and more.

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Mary Bowers
We love chocolate ice cream, too! Chocolate ice cream, with chocolate sprinkles, chocolate sauce, and chocolate chips are pure perfection!
June 19, 2017
Amazing article, I really like chocolate flavor ice cream.
June 7, 2017