The Competitive Eater’s Guide to Fitness

July 9, 2017

Foodie Fitness: Crunches, Munches, and More

Fitness? More like fit-ness whole pizza in my mouth! But seriously, cardio is important! As a competitive eater, I’m often asked about how I stay in shape. My trainer and I are breaking down my favorite foodie fitness moves, so you can join in with me and workout at home. Are you ready to pump some iron with me? Crank up some jams to keep you motivated, lace up your sneakers and stay hydrated! Ready, set… GO!

It’s important to warm up before, after, and even during a workout. Stretch the left corner of your mouth as far to the left on your face as possible. Stretch the right corner of your mouth as far to the right on your face as possible. Say “cheese!” You’re in great form!


Time for some crunches! Pick up that spoon and give me 50! Feel your jaw flex as it crunches down those wheat flakes or marshmallow charms. You’re the champion of breakfast!


Feel the burn. Give me 30 arm curls. Extend your reach a little further each time toward those curly fries! Repeat 4 sets of reps: curl, chomp, curl, chomp. Yeah, baby, you’re building up those fry-ceps!


Bro, do you even lift? Pick that pizza up with both hands. Keep your arms parallel — don’t let the cheese drip off the sides! Guide it carefully to your mouth. Very good!


It’s time for some dips! You don’t need to go out and buy fancy equipment. Any dip will do — queso, chunky tomato, guacamole… As you dip your chips in a scooping motion, it’s very important to avoid putting all the work in the wrist. This move should come from your stomach! NICE!


I like to mix an international element into my workout to keep up with competitive eaters abroad, starting with one big pump down on that French Press in the morning. This is a great adrenaline boost! And running late counts as exercise, right?! Of course, it does.


Obviously, clenching and releasing is at the cornerstone of every great workout. Grab some citrus, make a fist, and give it a good squeeze over a glass. Wow, way to work your hand! You deserve some juice! Aha! There it is.


Flexibility is important in competitive eating. You have to be ready for flavors of all kinds to be at peak performance. Before you attempt the splits, refer to exercise one: stretch! Now split a banana, add scoops of strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate icecream. Drop that chocolate sauce like it’s hot (it should be). Don’t weight – dive in!


Now, it’s time to get a little salty and twist it out. Don’t make it too complicated; just start stretching, rolling and twisting like a pretzel to get yourself in shape.


Downward [hot]dog works wonders! Everyone competitive eater knows that picnic blankets are the new yoga mats. They call Nathan “Famous” for a reason. It must be the buns!



Do you know what I mean? Donut judge me, everyone does it! If you followed my full routine, you have my admiration! Feeling a little queasy? That’s okay! It’s too hard [apple] core for most people. That’s because what works for me won’t necessarily work for you. It’s important not to take anyone else’s diet or exercise regimen as a personal rule book. Instead, listen to your own body. Find what works for you! Talk to a nutritionist, doctor, or a real, certified expert for further guidance. That said, feel free to follow my lead as you exercise and you’ll have puns of steel! I’m eggcited for you!

What exercises or foods make you feel healthy and strong? Do you have any favorite workout jams? Share in the comments below or join the conversation on social media @EatBeMary #BeautyandtheEats.

XO, Mary Signature

&  The Eat! Be Mary! Team