73 Questions with Geoff Esper

July 17, 2017

Las Vegas is the playground where anything is possible. Few things are surprising in a place where jackpots are won with a pull of a lever or fortunes are lost with a shuffle of the cards. That is, until the day when Geoff Esper shocked the city with a record-breaking 250 wing victory at the Hooters World Wing Eating Contest, beating out favorites Joey “Jaws” Chestnut and Matt “Megatoad” Stonie to take home the $8500 cash prize. Whatever Geoff is doing, you can deal us in! Roll the dice and read; here are 73 questions with “Cool Hand” Geoff.

1. What have you been doing today?
Resting. I don’t sleep well in a hotel room.

2. Do you have any hidden talents?
No hidden talents, except for eating.

3. Any secret hobbies?
I used to make soap, liquid and bars

4. Bike, car or feet? 
Definitely feet. I love hiking.

5. What movie makes you laugh the hardest?
Don’t know? Favorite movie is Cool Hand Luke.

6. Your life is made into a movie — what’s the title?
Cool Hand Geoff

7. Who plays you?
Joe Rogan

8. Celebrity crush?
Kerri Russell

9. What movie would you love to see remade?

10. What movie do you hope they never remake?
Ishtar. I hate that movie.

11. Best advice you have ever received?
Never give up.

12. Best advice you have ever given?
Never give up.

13. How do you balance work and play?
Not well. I should work harder.

14. If you could switch lives with a person for one day, who would you switch with?
Julius Caesar

15. What’s your spirit animal?

16. Invisibility or flight?
Flight, if you’re invisible you would be blind.

17. What’s something you’d like to learn to do?
Anything I don’t already know how to do.

18. What’s the last thing you ordered online?
Beads to balance the tires on my jeep.

19. Favorite pizza toppings?
Ham and pineapple

20. Veggies: raw, fried, or baked?

21. Salsa or guacamole?
Neither yuck!

22. Cake or pie?

23. Muffin or cupcake?

24. Favorite emoji?

25. What’s the coolest thing about being a competitive eater?
Just knowing it’s ok to eat like a pig.

26. Which competitive eating contest is the easiest?

27. Which is the hardest?
Hot dogs

28. Are there any foods you hate?

29. What’s your favorite food to cook?
I’m a horrible cook

30. Fork, spoon, or knife?

31. If you had to describe yourself as an ice cream flavor, what would it be?
Vanilla, but a premium brand

32. Who is your foodie hero?
Julia Child

33. Skittles or M&Ms?

34. Favorite candy?
Strait up chocolate.

35. Dark chocolate, white chocolate, or milk chocolate?
Dark chocolate

36. Condiment you can’t live without?
Probably mustard

37. You can have dinner with any 3 people, living or dead. Who are your dinner guests?
Albert Einstein, Richard Feynman, Charles Steinmetz (all physicists)

38. What meal do you serve?
Prime rib

39. Coffee or tea?

40. How do you take it?
Lots of milk and Splenda

41. Your preferred adult beverage?
I don’t drink 😉

42. What’s a food or restaurant trend you’re really excited about right now?
I don’t eat out a lot. Not much of a foodie actually.

43. What’s a food or restaurant trend you’d like to see left behind?

44. Whoops! You’re on death row — what’s your last meal?
All you can eat breakfast buffet. Any breakfast foods.

45. You can only dance to one song for the rest of your life, what song would it be?
Rappers Delight (by The Sugar Hill Gang)

46. Favorite song-specific event dance? (i.e. the Macarena, the Electric Slide, the Dougie, the Harlem Shake)
I’m boring, none

47. What’s your earliest memory?
Me hiding be hind my bedroom door, I was prob. 2 years old

48. What was your childhood fear?

49. What’s your next vacation spot?
Anywhere on the Appalachian Trail

50. What inspires you most?
Watching others succeed.

51. How do you stay motivated?
The desire to keep getting better. Someday it will fade and I’ll move on.

52. What’s your kryptonite?
Pretty girl

53. What’s the last book you read?
Barefoot Sisters

54. What did you take away from that book?
If you love to do something do it.

55. What fictional world would you like to live in?
In Dr. Who’s tardis

56. Advice you would give your 10-year-old past self?
Stay in school and finish your PhD.

57. Advice you would give your 90-year-old future self?
Do what ever the hell you feel like doing, you’re 90.

58. What’s your favorite fitness activity?

59. What’s your favorite workout song?
I like no music when working out.

60. What’s your go-to karaoke song?
Never done karaoke

61. Best gift you ever got?
When I started getting tools instead of toys.

62. Best gift you ever gave?
Winning scratch ticket $1000

63. Favorite way to give back to the community?
Being a responsible teacher.

64. Doing what makes you feel accomplished?

65. How do you spend a lazy day?
Never have one.

66. What’s your guilty pleasure?
Ice cream.

67. What was your first job?
Baling hay.

68. What have you done that you’re most proud of?
Have to give that some thought???

69. What are the apps or websites you’re loving lately?
Facebook, EatFeats

70. Best name for a dog?
My dog “Jack”

71. Best name for a cat?
My cat “Hopi”

72. What are you grateful for?
I’m grateful for almost everything. I try not to take advantage of anything.

73. What’s next for Geoff Esper?
Ugh. I hope something easier on my body. It’s taken a beating over the years.



We enjoyed sitting down at the table with Geoff. If you could invite Mr. Esper to dinner, what would you ask him? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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