DIY Halloween Costume Recipes

October 23, 2017

Make A Last-Minute Food Inspired Halloween Costume!

All Hallow’s Eve has arrived. You’ve stocked up the trick-or-treaters’ candy bowl. You’ve marathon-watched The Shining, Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown, and Harry Potter 2 and 3 (they’re clearly the most Halloween-ish of the magical saga!). You’ve carved your Jack-O-Lantern into the perfect likeness of your beloved pet. You’ve played Halloween Mad Libs {link}. You think you’re safe! Nothing can spook you — you’re prepared!

And then a harrowing thought creeps up on you… The dreaded realization looms from behind your shoulder, pops up, and shouts, “BOO! You forgot to plan your Halloween costume!!”

* Cue Hitchcock’s Psycho shower scene stab music! *

But don’t panic! You can relax… We’ve got your back. The year you don’t have a costume is NOT. THIS. YEAR. Below you’ll find the recipes to a few last minute costumes you can whip up quicker than a werewolf transformation! These foodie-pun-inspired looks won’t be too hard to swallow. The best part is, you can create any of them in less time than it takes to listen to MJ’s “Thriller.” We’re also including party lines that, like a good wine, complement the notes of your costume. You’ll have your Frankenstein friends in stitches!

Happy Haunting, friends!

“Toasters are tanning beds for bread!”
“French toast tastes better than American — BURN!”
“For butter or worse, I’m gonna eat all my trick-or-treating candy in one night.”


“After that haunted house, this egg is terrifried!”
“When your ironic costume is taken literally — guacward!”
“Trick-or-treating is my avocardio!”

“After three hours of trick-or-treating,I’m bringing home the bacon!”
“My wrapper name is Piggie Smalls!”
“A pig in a warm enough blanket is a hot dog!”

“A field of cranky pumpkins is a SourPatch!”
“Loving my child is like a game of Candy Crush!”
“No Halloween candy is sweeter than my sugar baby!”

So what are you going as for Halloween? Comment and let us know! Have another good foodie costume? We want to see! Tag us on social at @EatBeMary.

XO, Mary Signature
& The Team at Eat! Be Mary!