Cupcake Quiz

August 15, 2017

1. A bakers’ dozen of cupcakes was delivered at the gate of a neighboring castle, but your neighbors are not home. What do you do?

2. How might your royal subjects describe you?

3. Which emoji are you?

4. You’re hosting a tea party in Cupcake Court, who is the first guest on your list?

5. When the court jester introduces a hilariously mismatched flavor palette (peanut butter cupcakes with hints of onions), what’s your reaction?

6. It is your royal prerogative to determine the top of your priorities. So what are the toppings?

7. How do you make the most of a morning off?

Cupcake Quiz
Duchess of Dark Chocolate

Daring and dramatic, you are as rich as you are mysterious. Never one to sugar-coat things, you are known for indulging your dark side.
Baron of Buttercream

Balanced and benevolent, your kindness is known kingdom-wide. You make life butter for everyone around you, even when it's sprinkling outside.
Countess of Confetti

Creative and charismatic, you are the life of every party! Your sense of humor leaves the crowd in tiers and your colorful nature sugar coats everyone you meet.
Duke of Dulce de Leche

Diplomatic and dignified, your distinguished demeanor is deliciously delightful. Your patience and persistence are proof that good things come to those who cake.
Count of Crumb Cake

Cultured and courageous, you are never afraid of taking a whisk! For batter or worse, you're ready for the next adventure, one crumb at a time.
Marchioness of Maple Bacon

Mesmerizing and memorable, you're not afraid to admit that you like big bundts (and you cannot lie). Your sweet and savory personality makes everything better.

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