Mary’s Seafood Surprise: Why Clark Kent Is The Real Superhero

February 28, 2017

I woke up feeling especially crabby on Thursday. And by “crabby”, I mean I was craving seafood.

Normally, I start my day with a big glass of water, a piece of fruit, eggs, and if I am really hungry maybe some toast. So, I did what any reasonable person would do. I ignored my cravings and followed my routine.

I showered, took a moment gaze at the glittery tutus and sequined corsets in my closet, then dressed myself in a “normal person” costume before making breakfast. Some people admire Superman, but to me, Clark Kent is the real hero. It’s not easy trying to blend in.

A black pencil skirt and a pink embroidered cardigan seemed safe enough for the office. As for the shoes? I chose my most practical pair – fluffy pink bunny pumps, Lois Lane approved.

After a morning of meetings and conference calls, I picked up a sandwich for lunch. Pastrami and cheese are usually delicious, but for some reason I couldn’t tap into my typical deli delight. My tummy grumbled in complaint. “Seafood! I want seafood! Pastrami and cheese is landfood.”

“Whatever, Tummy,” I thought defiantly. “Maybe someday, I’ll go to Las Vegas and open a landfood buffet, just for spite!”

Life lesson #1,036: Never ever argue with your own stomach. Your tummy always wins. (Also learned in Life Lessons #3, #26, #99, and #503.)

Back to work. Email, email, text, text, sigh. Excel spreadsheets make me want to grab a pencil and poke out someone’s…

Have you ever had a song randomly pop into your head and keep repeating itself over and over?

SpongeBob SquarePants. 
SpongeBob SquarePants.
SpongeBob SquarePants.
SpongeBob SquarePants.
“Crabby patties would be yummy! I could get some cocktail sauce, some tartar sauce, and some lemon…””Text, text, email, write. Landfood is stupid, it’s seafood night!”My tummy and my inner dialog sound a lot alike. I wonder if they’re related.By dinnertime, I was beyond crabby. I had ignored my cravings all day and NOW I was hangry! It was the kind of hunger/ anger that Godzilla must have felt when he tried to eat Tokyo.

I demolished the seafood village as all varieties of crab (Dungeness, King, Southern King, and Blue) snowed across the table. Baby Godzilla was on the attack and she was wearing fluffy, pink bunny shoes.

I looked at the piles of shells, where towers of dishes once stood.

A strange sensation washed over me. My left eye was swelling with pain.

I pulled my compact mirror from my handbag with butter covered hands and looked at myself in the mirror. I plucked the crumb of crab from my eyelashes and promptly licked it from my finger. The “Five Second Rule” applies to eating off faces, as well as floors.

Later that evening, as my left eye returned to its normal size, I noticed something else in the reflection of the right one: It was the spark of inspiration.

There was a reason for my craving. “Trust your gut” is an expression often said and not often followed. My tummy had been telling me exactly what I needed to feed my soul, not only what I needed to feed my body.

Sometimes, I forget that I am pretending to be “normal” and the game of make believe begins to feel real. I get caught up in routines, in spreadsheets, reports, and being a “grown up”.

But not all paths in life are that direct. Sometimes it is the sideways approach that is more interesting. Crabs, with their funny walks, show us that the easier path is often around.

It is the glittery tutus, the silly songs that play in our minds, and the moments we embrace our inner Superman (or Godzilla) that make us who we really are. Unconventional adventures often lead to practical new discoveries.

Somehow, my focus had caused me to lose sight of myself. Thankfully, a flake of crab caught my eye. Or, perhaps, my eye caught a flake of crab. Vision restored.
Life lesson #1,037: If ever you are feeling crabby, follow your gut. You might be surprised where it leads.
XO, Mary Signature