What Kind Of Pie Are YOU?

March 13, 2017

You have plans with your friend, but suddenly he or she cancels on you — what are you thinking?

It's game night at your house, and we're playing

There's only one cookie left on the plate. What's your move?

THIS is your season!

When you boogie, you boogie in this style:

A winged unicorn approaches. Without making a sound, you understand it's offered you a ride. You:

Power is pizza. What's your preferred slice?

What Kind Of Pie Are YOU?
You Are Apple Pie!

You, my friend, are loyal and traditional, with a very exciting spark. You're like the Fourth of July (cue Katy Perry): dependable, comforting, classic, and then — WOW! — fireworks!! You're a fan of anything time-honored or old-fashioned, and there's nothing wrong with that. You're constantly surrounded by people who love and depend on you because you're always available, offering support and empathy. Your tastes are classic, and classic never goes out of style.
You Are Pumpkin Pie!

You're a unifier — you bring friends and family together over a great dinner and even greater dessert. You tend to play host, especially during the festive season, and holidays are never the same without you. You focus on keeping your guests happy and full. You bring zest and spice to the lives of your friends and family!
You Are Lemon Meringue Pie!

You're smooth, sassy, and you always keep it real! You've got a fresh outlook on life. You prefer to keep things light and honest — a trait your friends find refreshing. Your sweetness is never overpowering, and you're always authentic. You keep your social circle tight and true. You've got a hint of tartness to you that's not for everyone, but it's okay. It's your layered, multi-faceted personality that keeps things interesting and delightful!
You Are Pecan Pie!

So you've been told you're a little nutty at times... but friends love your goofy personality! You've got flavor and depth. You're the wild card of your social circle, always bringing exciting and unique ideas to the table. You think outside the box and are anything but traditional. Those who understand your eccentric personality can't get enough of you, as you always leave people wanting more and wondering what's next. Your closest friends know you have a sweet, soft side, and they value your companionship. When you take a bite out of life, it's a crunchy one!

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