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Meet Eat! Be Mary!

November 26, 2016

Join A Foodie Fashionista’s Journey To Find Joy & Expression In Everyday Life…


Two inescapable truths of daily life: You have to eat. You have to get dressed.

We can’t photosynthesize like the plants, and things would get a bit chilly if we were to go about our day in the nude… So we have refrigerators, pantries, closets and retail empires of stores and restaurants dedicated to keeping us clothed and fed in ways we can get behind! Fashion and food are inescapable, and for the most part, we tend to love them. But as we go through our lives, are the two needs linked?

The essence of fashion style has infiltrated food: we see gorgeous triple-layer iced cakes, garnishes added for purely decorative purposes, and other means of making food more beautiful. But can you say the essence of food can be found as often in fashion? Probably not! And that missing element is where I found my inspiration.


If you’re reading this, you probably already know that I’m a competitive eater, and maybe you know that I dress up for all my competitions as the food I’m eating!

What you may not know is that this didn’t all happen because of my die-hard obsession with eating. Yes, eating is a huge part of it. And yes, I do love it. However, at the root of my experiences with competitive eating is a desire to find joy, creativity and expression in all the things we interact with on a daily basis: our food, our clothes, our homes & more!

Finding that sense of wonderment and fun at the intersection of fashion and food is my bread and butter (pun intended!). But you can find it anywhere, and I hope you’ll do so! Life is far too short to not get a kick out of.


On this blog, you can expect to find inspiration (and encouragement!) for leading a stylish, happy, food-filled life that’s uniquely YOU! We’ll be rolling out our style picks for outfits, décor, and accessories, as well as sharing recipes and hosting tips, and OF COURSE behind-the-scenes looks at my costume-making process and life as a competitive eater! We’ll also be encouraging you to explore your imagination and create a life of childlike glee and joy!

So please stay tuned, and in case you’re also hungry, head to our recipes page for some of my favorites!

xo Mary

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